The Story of Laser Scanhead Welding

Laser welding is one of the important laser material processing technologies since the 1970s.

With the continuous maturity of technology and the price decline of laser devices, laser welding schemes have been more widely used in various industries.


Industrial companies such as HIGHYAG,TRUMPF have put efforts into research and development of laser scanning welding technology and equipment according to process requirements, and achieved efficient laser scanning welding plant solutions.



Compared with traditional welding technology, the more accurate and more efficient advantages of laser scanning welding have been fully verified.


Meantime, the industrial experts continue to improve the laser welding application technology, to promote the use of this process in more industries.

A common set of laser scanning welding systems consists of five core modules: laser device, QBH collimation, CCD monitoring, scan head, and f-theta lens.


In the early stage, the laser welding solution mainly used a 2D scan head combined with a mechanical arm, using the flexible movement of the mechanical arm with multiple degrees of freedom to realize all the point welding in the machining area at a fixed focal length.This solution has been widely applied in the mass manufacturing of automobile bodies and spare parts to achieve automotive lightweighting.


With the continuous improvement of automation, the use of laser scanning welding technology becomes more extensive in the industry.For example, in the rapidly rising new energy vehicle industry, the new design of auto parts, power batteries, and other components processing,it presents a greater challenge to the existing solution and puts forward higher requirements for the start-stop frequency and positioning accuracy of the mechanical arm in welding.

How to achieve high-speed laser welding on a large complex surface component?How do achieve quick focal length adjust under different work heights?All of these have become difficult welding process upgrade.


We can upgrade the 2D scan head in the laser scanning welding system equipment to a 3D dynamic focus system,the Z-direction dynamic axis of the dynamic focus system can cooperate in conjunction with the XY axis. As the working distance changes during the welding process, the Z-direction dynamic axis moves back and forth to make the focus compensation,it can guarantee the consistency of the spot focus in the whole working process, and realize the high-speed integrated welding of the large range of complex surface parts,and greatly reduce the robotic arm’s positioning time  and the step time in production.


At the same time, to reduce the positioning error caused by the frequent start and stop of the mechanical arm, the rapid focus adjustment of different heights can be realized through the complete coordination between the Z-direction dynamic axis and the XY axis of the dynamic focus system, and finish the welding work.The efficiency has highly improved, easy to achieve production line automation.


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Post time: Sep-23-2022