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    In the development of driver, FEELTEK mainly aims at drift suppression, acceleration performance and overshoot control. Thus satisfy scanhead performance under different applications.

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    After multiple test and confirmation from application, FEELTEK seek the best supplier world widely and select the top reliable components supplier to ensure the best accuracy.

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    Mechanical Design

    Compact structure together with structural mechanics balance design, ensure the stability.

Mechanical Design
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    XY Mirror

    We offer 1/8 λ and 1/4 λ SIC, SI, fused silica mirror. AlI mirrors follow coating standard with medium and high damage threshold, hence ensure the uniform reflection under different angles.

  • 05

    Z Axis

    Through high precision position sensor calibration platform, FEELTEK make linearity, resolution and temperature drift data results of the dynamic axis can be visible. The quality is guaranteed.

  • 06

    Modularization Integration

    Modularization for each block, just like LEGO game, much easier for multiple integration.

Our Products

FEELTEK is the dynamic focusing system development company that combines
dynamic focusing system, optical design as well as software control technology.

Why Choose Us

  • Quality (CE,ROHS)

    As a manufacturer, FEELTEK is declaring sole responsibility and conformity with all of the legal requirements to achieve CE marking.

  • Productivity

    FEELTEK has established operation standard procedures and performance running test platforms to guarantee production efficiency. We can handle over the quick delivery.

  • R&D innovation

    The FEELTEK R&D team is committed to invent the 3D dynamic focus technology and continues to perform improvement innovation.

  • Technical support

    FEELTEK provides user technical support worldwide. In collaboration with system integrators, we can provide remote technical support for system users, application guidance, and reasonable maintenance advice as well as case videos.

Our Blog

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    What is a solid of revolution

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    Application of Dynamic Focusing System in Glass Drilling

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    A Fantastic Summer for FEELTEK

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