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FEELTEK has been focusing on 3D dynamic focus system for years. We are always emphasizing the partication of software control, optical design during the material and processing application achievement.

Over the past several years, FEELTEK is committed to the strategy of "Leading innovative 3D laser processing" and launched serials of 3D scanhead supporting wavelength 10640/1064/980/532/355nm with the aperture size options 10/15/20/30/40/70 to the market.

As a significant partner of laser processing integrator, FEELTEK has always attached importance to solution customization, and has customized multiple 3D scanhead,dynamic focus module and high-precision XY module to customers. With the increasing customization for micro-processing applications in recent years, FEELTEK has accumulated a great number of 2D system and 2.5 D scanheads customization experiences as well.

At present,the application of FEELTEK product is not limited to 3D scanhead processing. In addition to the original 3D scanhead products, we have expanded product line to 2D,2.5D scanhead,DFM(Dynamic Focus Module), XY OEM module as well as software customization and process application platform. With the overall scanhead system supplier, we believe FEELTEK would be your customizable partner for 2D to 3D scanhead.

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FEELTEK is a technical-focus company. 85% of employees are occupied in operation, technical development team, whist 15% for administrative positions.