2D Scanhead-30 Serial

Short Description:

2-axis deflection units

aperture 30mm

XY2-100 protocol

Support multiple applications that require small to medium sized fields and high processing speeds.

Support laser welding

Maximum power 6000W

Support wavelength: 355, 532, 1064, 980nm

Product Detail

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30 Serial

High positioning precision.

Welding scanhead.

Water cooling.

Positive pressure cavity design.

Application Video

Product Technical Information

Optical Specifications Size(mm) 30 
lnput beam diameter(mm) 30 
Available Wavelength(nm) 355 980 1064 10640/9400
Optical Paramater optical surface 1/4入@633 
optical Material Si / SiC 
Galvanometer Specifications Weight(KG)
Size(mm) 199x145x142 
Version S30  SH30 SH30 P2
Scan Angle(°) ±11  ±11 ±10
Repeatability(μrad) 8 5
Max.Gain Drift(ppm/k) 150  100 50
Max.Offset Drift(μrad/k) 50  30 15
Long-term drift over 8h(mrad) ≤0.3  ≤0.15 ≤0.1
Tracking Error(ms) <440 <440 <440
Step Response Time 1% of Full Scale 1 <880 <880 <880
Typical Marking Speed 2 2 2 2
Typical Positioning Speed 2 8 8 8
Typical Character Marking 3 350CPS Good Quality 350CPS Good Quality 350CPS Good Quality
450CPS Good Writing 450CPS Good Writing 450CPS Good Writing

1) 1% step response     2) 2D scanhead use F160 F-θ lens     3) F160 F-θ lens, 1mm height single line character, LenMark software & FEELTEK control card

Mechanical Drawing




The warranty period is 12 months starting from the date of delivery.

Optics, man-made or intentional damage is not within the scope of the warranty.

CSR Program

FEELTEK is committed to 3D laser dynamic focus technology and contributed to laser machine integrators across the world. As the explorer of advanced laser technology, FEELTEK actively practices corporate social responsibility as well.

Every year, as a part of the Corporate Social Program, FEELTEK participates in a science event launched by the scientific bureau in a local foreign language school. We spread laser technology to teenagers aged from 9 to 12. The 5G extension products,3D printing, and other modern science and technology applications have lighted the youngsters’ dream of science and technology.

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