Welding Module

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Laser devices for options:Coherent J2/J3 searial, LUXINA SR10i/SR15i/SR20i/SR25i Synrad Ti60/Ti80/Ti100 etc.
Support with C30 and C40 dynamic focus system

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- W30 module is designed particularlly for weldling application. It can be conveniently embedded in manipulator workstation system, Wobble welding system and various automatic welding platforms.

- The fully sealed structure design can meet all kinds of complex and high pollution dust environment

- The standard water-cooled structure has high thermal stability and can meet the accuracy of maintaining welding trajectory in high temperature environment

- The galvanometer aperture size ≤30mm, galvanometer tracking time≤350us, high response, and repeated positioning accuracy. It can be configured with medium-high power lenses with different wavelengths, such as 920, 960, 980, 1064(nm), meet the application requirements of high power welding



Plate welding,Plastic welding,Power battery welding,Complex curved surface welding



Standard Version,High Power Version



General specification

Power Supply InputVoltage(VAC) 170~264
OutputVoltage(v) ±15/±24
Current() 5A


Environmental Requirement

Ambient temperature(°) 25±10℃
Storage temperature(°) -10~+60℃
Humidity ≤75%无结露


Galvanometer Specifications

Scan Angle(°) ±11
Repeatability(μrad) 8
Max. Gain Drift(ppm/K) 100
Max. Offset Drift(μrad/) 30
Long-termdriftover8h(mrad) 0.51)2)
Scan mirror damage threshold max. up to 13kW as per quotation typical <4000W
Tracking Error(ms) ≤0.8

1)Single axis drift
2)After 30 min warm up, at constant ambient temperature (Variation<1K) and load
3)100X100 working zone, 1mm single line font


Optical Specifications

Aperture Size(mm) 30
Input beam diameter(mm) 30
Support wavelength(nm) 808 980 1064




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