3D Dynamic Focus System – FR30-C

Short Description:

3-axis deflection units

support wavelength: 10640nm, 10200nm, 9400nm

XY2-100 protocol

work field: 300*300mm to 1600*1600mm

processing of large working fields with small spot


Product Detail

Product Tags


Water cooling design
Optional water cooling design, it can be applied to high-temperature drift requirements.

Flexible large field processing
Double driving Z axis dynamic focus module design, response frequency≥100HZ@±10°.

According to application requirements and integration space, there are curved version, large field version, and multiple mechanical design options.

The optional off-axis CCD module, applicated in positioning marking in moving line.


FR30-C Linear Beam

Standard system.


FR30-C Folded Beam(Left- Right)

Specific for ODM integration in space limited workshop.


FR30-C Compact

Better heat dissipation, compact structure, suitable for high temperature and space limited workshop.

Highlight application: 3D printing

FR30-C applies with the dynamic focus system control, it can be applicated in SLS, SLM.


High Precision

As the number of processing layers increases, the dynamic axis coordinately adjust the focus and adjust the spot in real-time. The minimum spot of FR30-C(C30) can directly reach 0.11mm.


High Efficiency

To improve higher processing efficiency, FEELTEK develops the multi-scanheads solution, as well as its corresponding platform.

Flexible large field processing

Through the dynamic focus system control, it can be operated from 300*300mm to 1200*1200mm work field.


Application Highlight

●  Laser Cutting

  Laser Marking


  High speed fly processing

  3D application

●  3D printing

  Laser Scribing

  Curved surface moving line marking



Moving line marking (Yoga mat)


3D surface marking


Large field marking (Jeans)


Jeans laser marking


Leather marking


3D printing

Application Video

Product Technical Information

version   FR30-C Linear Beam FR30-C Folded Beam FR30-C compact
Items output Voltage(VDc) ±24VDC ±24VDC ±15VDC
current(A) 10A 10A 10A
Protocol xY2-100 Protocol xY2-100 Protocol xY2-100 Protocol
Weight(KG) 15 21 13.5
Size(mm) 538*200*242.5 528*200*206 422*145*163
Optical Specifications Aperture Size(mm) 30 30 30
Input beam diameter(mm) 7.5, 9 7.5, 9 7.5, 9
Galvanometer Specifications Product line Standard Pro P2
Scan Angle(°) ±11 ±11 ±11
Repeatability(μrad) 8 8 5
Max.Gain Drift(ppm/k) 100 100 50
Max.Offset Drift(μrad/k) 30 30 15
Long-term drift over 8h(mrad) ≤0.2 ≤0.2 ≤0.1
Tracking Error(ms) ≤0.44 ≤0.44 ≤0.44
Max.processing speed(charaters/s) 350@300x300 350@300x300 350@300x300

FR30-C Linear Beam

Working Field & Spot Diameter Working Field(mm) 300x300 400x400 500x500 600x600 750x750 800×800 1200x1200 1600×1600
The Min.Spot Diameter@1/e2(mm) 0.23 0.28 0.33 0.39 0.46 0.49 Customized version
Focal length(mm) 366 466 566 676 838 936

FR30-C Folded Beam

Working Field 
& Spot Diameter
Working Field(mm) 300x300 400x400 500x500 600x600 750x750 800x800 1200x1200 1600×1600
The Min.Spot Diameter@1/e2(mm) 0.23 0.28 0.33 0.39 0.46 0.49 customized version
Focal length(mm) 362.5 462.5 562.5 672.5 834.5 932.5

FR30-C Compact

Working Field & 
Spot Diameter
Working Field(mm) 100x100 200×200 300x300 400x400 500x500 600x600 1200x1200
The Min.Spot Diameter@1/e2(mm) 0.11 0.16 0.21 0.27 0.32 0.36 Customized
Focal length(mm) 136 256 366 466 566 676

Mechanical Drawing

FR30-C Linear Beam


FR30-C Folded Beam


FR30-C Compact


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