Application of dynamic focusing technology to realize large-format marking

Yoga mats are divided into traditional yoga mats and upright yoga mats; upright yoga mats not only have the general functions of traditional yoga mats, but can also guide the practice of more scientific and precise yoga postures. The main sizes of yoga mats are 61cmx173cm and 80cmx183cm. For large-format processing like this, spot uniformity is particularly important.


The specific requirements for this process are as follows:

•Laser engraving line width is 0.5-1mm

•Laser engraving lines are uniform, no blackening; graphics have no visible deformation or misalignment;

•Graphic size 800*1800mm, using 1000*1000mm processing format;


After consultation with the customer, FEELTEL technician proposed a feasible solution that meets the above requirements:


Processing results:


Advantages of large-format laser processing:

•The material size is large, the length is about 1.8m, and the large-format marking line effect is uniform;

•The processing plan can be modified flexibly, and various posture line patterns can be imported;

•High processing efficiency, several times that of engraving machines;


Post time: May-10-2024