• Welding Module

    Welding Module

    Designed particularlly for weldling application.

  • Optical Adjuster

    Optical Adjuster

    The optical adjuster could solve the common difficulty of adjustment from QCS interface optical offset.

    Once adjusted accurate to the central point.

  • 2D Scanhead-10 Serial

    2D Scanhead-10 Serial

    2-axis deflection units

    aperture 10mm

    XY2-100 protocol

    Support multiple applications that require small to medium sized fields and high processing speeds.

    Support wavelength: 355, 532, 980, 1064, 9400, 10640nm

  • Laser Welding Scanhead

    Laser Welding Scanhead

    Support wavelength: 355, 532, 1064, 980, 10640, 9400nm

    laser welding scan head

    maximum power: 6000W

  • 2.5D Dynamic Focus System

    2.5D Dynamic Focus System

    Endfocus dynamic focus system

    Aperture size 10mm,15mm,20mm

    Deep engraving, small field micro processing Priority choice for micro-processing

  • 3D Dynamic Focus System一FR10-F(F10)

    3D Dynamic Focus System一FR10-F(F10)

    3-axis deflection units

    support wavelength: 1064nm

    XY2-100 protocol

    work field: 100*100mm and 200*200mm

    fiber laser marking, 3D laser engraving,laser etching

  • 3D Dynamic Focus System – FR70-C(C70)

    3D Dynamic Focus System – FR70-C(C70)

    3-axis deflection units

    support wavelength: 10640nm, 10200nm, 9400nm

    XY2-100 protocol

    processing of large working fields with small spot

    high-end industry application,super performance

    maximum 2000*2000mm work field



    super large area marking

    roll to roll leather marking

  • 3D Dynamic Focus System – FR40-C(C40)

    3D Dynamic Focus System – FR40-C(C40)

    3-axis deflection units

    support wavelength: 10640nm.10200nm,9400nm

    XY2-100 protocol

    curved surface marking version and large field marking version for options

    processing of large working fields with small spot

    Equal to C30 speed, 30% finer focal spot quality

    laser filming, die cutting

  • ODM System

    ODM System

    FEELTEK offer laser device plus 3D scan head all-in-one ODM solution

    Easy for machine integration

    Linear optical version and Folded optical version for options.


  • Dynamic Module

    Dynamic Module

    3D laser marking module for machine integrators

    Easy upgrade from 2D to 3D.

    An extra axis added on 2D laser scan head,help 2D OEM customer easily achieve 3D laser working.

    Magnification option: X2, X2.5, X2.66 etc.

  • Range Sensor

    Range Sensor

    Real time monitoringof focal point

    Automatic feedback actual distance, the software can accurately change the focus position according to the processing technology.
    Generally applicated in 3D processing and objects with different height processing.

  • Red light indicator

    Red light indicator

    Dual red light indicator,

    easier for manual focus adjust.

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