3D Laser Engraving Gallery (How to adjust parameters? )

The FEELTEK employees are recently sharing the 3D laser engraving work.

In addition to the multiple materials that can work on, there are also many tips that we need pay attention to when doing a 3D laser engraving work.

Let’s see Jack’s sharing today.

3D Laser Engraving Gallery
(How to adjust parameters?)

Jade: Jack! A customer sent the engraving they made, and the effect was not good. He asked how to adjust it!

Jack: Oh, it’s fuzzy. The 3D engraving looks simple, but it still needs tips for adjusting.

Jade: Can you share some with me?

Jack: We should set proper parameters for marking, filling, and layer thickness. Otherwise, the engraving result will be like this.

Jade: So how to set the proper data?

Jack: Well, firstly we preset a marking data, and then adjust the filling effect, try several times until getting the uniform matte shading, like this. Then marking 50 to 100 times with the filling data, divide total thickness by the marking number of times to get a single thickness for each layer.

Jade: Any other tips?

Jack: Don’t forget the data of “laser on delay”.It needs to test on the actual sample, adjust the data until the engraving surface becomes smooth.

Jack: Last but not least, there will be dust in the process of engraving. It needs to be cleaned every 3-5 layers of engraving. Otherwise, too much dust will accumulate and impact the engraving effect.

Jade: OK, I will tell the customer how to optimize.

Post time: Mar-01-2022