The Story of Dynamic Focusing System and the Beijing Winter Olympics Torch

Do you still remember the incredible moment when the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic cauldron was ignited, marking the start of the Games?


Have you ever wondered how it was created? I wanted to share with you an interesting story about the snowflake pattern engraved on the torch.


At the beginning, the program adopted by the National Olympic Committee stayed at the traditional marking method, which took up to one hour. In order to shorten the time, it has been looking for an innovative method. Later, the Committee contacted FEELTEK and tried to use the dynamic focusing system for marking. Through continuous testing and adjustment by FEELTEK technicians, the processing time was optimized from 8 minutes at the beginning to more than 5 minutes, and finally met the project requirements and was completed in 3 and a half minutes.



What innovations are there in the entire marking process? Let’s find out together


The project’s requirements are:

1. the marking had to be completed in one full rotation around the object, with minimal visible seams even after subsequent painting.

2. the graphics needed to remain undistorted throughout the process.

3. the entire marking process had to be completed in less than 4 minutes.


Throughout the marking process, we encountered several difficulties

1. Graphic Handling: The graphics provided by the customer cannot achieve the desired effect on the rotating surface

2. Seam Handling: In one full rotation, maintaining accuracy at the start and endpoint of each rotation was challenging.

3. Graphic Distortion: Due to differences in actual and rotating radius, the graphics would often stretch or shrink, distorting the intended design.                            



We employed the following solution:

1. Software – LenMark-3DS

2. Laser – 80W-mopa Fiber Laser

3. Dynamic Focusing System – FR20-F Pro


We successfully marked the torches, meeting all the requirements set forth by the specialized group. The final result was a flawless and visually appealing rendering of the graphics on the torches.


Welcome to discuss more laser applications with us.

Post time: Dec-29-2023