TCT Asia 3D Printing Additive Manufacturing Exhibition

FEELTEK participated the TCT Asia 3D Printing Additive Manufacturing Exhibition from Sep 12 to Sep14 this week.

FEELTEK has been committed to 3D dynamic focus technology for ten years and has contributed to multiple laser application industrial. Among them, Additive Manufacturing is one of the important fields that FEELTEK has been involved in.

During this show, FEELTEK has exhibited its standard ODM solution, scan head specific design and manufactured for 3D printing, modules for 3D printing machine integrators.

 Let’s take a look at some of the products.

ODM solution.
The FEELTEK ODM solution combined the laser device and 3D scan head, together with the optical adjustment inside. This is mainly to support to integrators on their easier machine integrations. Besides, to improve the efficiency, FEELTEK offered the self-designed automatic calibration platform to finish the calibration work and highly save time for machine installation.
Additionally, FEELTEK are able to offer the software sdk for further development based on specific request.

The ODM solution has already broadly applied to 3D printing integrators in SLS application.