How to Engrave Exquisite Patterns on a Thermos Cup

If a customer gives you a thermos cup and needs you to engrave their company’s logo and slogan on the thermos cup, can you do it with the products you currently have? You will definitely say yes. What if they need to engrave exquisite patterns? Is there any way to achieve better marking effect? Let’s explore it together.


Determine the requirements with the customer before processing

•Does not damage the substrate

•Complete it in one go, the sooner the better

•Remove paint required to retain metallic finish

•The graphic marking is completed without deformation and the graphic has no burrs or jagged edges


After confirming the requirements, FEELTEK technicians adopted the following solution for testing

Software: LenMark_3DS

Laser: 100W CO2 laser

3D Dynamic Focusing System: FR30-C

Working Field: 200*200mm, Z direction 30mm


During the testing process, FEELTEK technicians came to the following conclusions and recommendations

1. If it is not required to damage metal, use CO2 laser.

2. the power of the laser should not be too high when removing paint in the first pass. Excessive power will cause the paint to burn easily.

3. Edge jaggedness: This problem is related to the filling angle and filling density. (Selecting the appropriate angle and filling density encryption can solve this problem)

4. In order to ensure the effect, since the laser will produce flames and smoke on the paint surface (the graphic surface will be blackened), it is recommended to use ventilation.

5. Time requirement issue: It is recommended that the laser power be about 150W, and the filling spacing can be enlarged


During the later testing process for other customers, FEELTEK also implemented larger and more complex graphics in the laboratory.


Post time: Jan-31-2024