2-AXIS Deflection Units

  • Laser Welding Scanhead

    Laser Welding Scanhead

    High power acceptance
    High position speed
    High position precision
    Low temperature drift
    Standard with water cooling
    Aperture size:20、30mm

  • Pilot Series-Cost Effective Option

    Pilot Series-Cost Effective Option

    The Pilot is specific applicated with high speed and
    high precision, this is the best cost effective scanhead.
    Combination with faster speed and lower overshoot.
    Aperture size:10、14mm.

  • PS Series-Advanced Option

    PS Series-Advanced Option

    The optimized drive has further developed marking speed
    which has deeply improved the speed on fly marking.
    Integrated structure design, high thermal stability, high dust,
    waterproof grade.
    Aperture size:10、15、20mm.

  • S Serial Entry option

    S Serial Entry option

    It is an entry-level laser marking with good performance.

    XY2-100 protocol.

    Aperture size:10、15、20、30mm.