What If It’s not only a 2D Scanhead?

In addition to FEELTEK 2D scanhead, considering the convenience and flexibility, we also offer several module options for customer aiming to make you easier when do integrations.
Red light indicator

Settable focus display

Dual red-light indicator, easier for manual focus adjust


Range Sensor

Real time monitoring of focal point

Automatic feedback actual distance, the software can accurately change the focus position according to the processing technology

Generally, applicated in 3D processing and objects with different height processing.


Optical Adjuster

Solve the common difficulty of adjustment from QCS interface optical offset

Once adjusted, accurate to the central point.


CCD Module

Design for automation line

On-Axis CCD module, support for positioning, inspection, ealuation, framing.

Essential module for marking, welding


Dynamic Focus Module

Easy upgrade from 2D to 3D

An extra axis added on 2D scanhead,help 2D OEM customer easily achieve 3D working.

Magnification option: X1.33、X2、X2.5、X2.66 etc.

Post time: Jan-29-2021