The exciting moments at 2021 laser photonic Shanghai show

Join us to review the exciting moment during the laser photonic show in Shanghai from Mar 17 to Mar 19 2021.

The global covid 19 situation has block the entrance of oversea customers, However, this has not prevent the domestic industrial’s enthusiasm in seeking technical improvement and business opportunity.

With the increasingly fierce competition in the laser industry, a new phase of progresses in both quality and efficiency is needed.

During the interaction with exhibition visitors, most of them are struggling in long delivery cycle and no technical after sales support from some other brands. Therefore, they are looking for new partners with consistent reliable product and sufficient service support.

As a customizable partner for 2D to 3D scan head, FEELTEK has committed to the support integrators with qualified and high response service. Besides, the full product serial from 2D,2.5D to 3Dscanhead together with modules have definitely provide multiple solutions according to different application.

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Post time: Mar-22-2021