One of the best seller : 3D scanhead FR10 serial

FEELTEK is committed to providing innovative solutions for 3D laser processing, and our 3D front-focus dynamic focus system is one of the most popular scanheads among our product family.

By choosing our scanhead, you will benefit from multiple laser marking solutions. Our system is flexible to work with various materials and designs, enabling large field marking, 3D surface laser marking, complicated surface processing, deep engraving, and more.


One of the key advantages of our scanhead is its innovative front-focus dynamic focus working principle. This allows for easy switching between different work fields without the need for f-theta lenses, making our system more efficient and cost-effective.


We believe that by partnering with us and utilizing our 3D laser marking solution, you can enhance your business and meet the diverse needs of your customers. We would be more than happy to discuss further details and provide any additional information that you may require.

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Post time: Dec-07-2023