How to achieve better engraving effects on glass

dding text, logos or pictures to glass is required for many personalized items, however, its fragility makes the entire engraving process challenging. So how can we achieve better engraving effects? Let’s explore it together.


After consultation with the customer, FEELTEL technician proposed a feasible solution that meets the above requirements:


Process Effects and Analysis:

1. During the actual debugging process, the format selection should not be too large.

2. Choose to use the projection function during the marking process. The projection function will change the size to a certain extent, but the visual quality will be much better.

3. The laser uses a 5W-8W laser. The 3W power is too small to achieve this effect on some better glass materials. Of course, the faster the time requirement, the higher the power of the laser used.

4. When the 3D dynamic focusing system performs Z-direction correction on curved surfaces, it is recommended to use more layers to ensure the effect of curved surface marking.

5. Select the corresponding filling density according to the actual laser power. It is recommended that the filling density should not be too dense (and affect the efficiency and poor printing effect)


Post time: Apr-15-2024