FEELTEK Win Laser 2021 Innovation Awards

The CCD Dynamic Focus System from FEELTEK has been awarded the Ringier Technology Innovation Awards 2021 this year.


Industry Sourcing has been a leading B2B industrial information provider for 19 years, it also holds Innovation Awards annually to give recognition to those who have made the most significant contributions for the advancement of the industry and provide brand exposure opportunities for those companies with cutting-edge technologies in food & beverage, packaging, plastics, metalworking, personal care, industrial laser, and other industries.

As a professional Customizable Partner for 2D to 3D scan head, FEELTEK has been interacting with industry integrators and aiming to improve laser processing solutions. Followed by the 2020 contributions, FEELTEK has been awarded again this year with the CCD Dynamic Focus System.


The CCD Dynamic Focus System is an upgrade solution based on the standard dynamic focus system.

Based on the X Y reflection unit, adding a dual CCD module and finish surface scan of the marking object, that can achieve positioning on every position and with precision processing. It is particularly suitable for those applications in the automation line.

Post time: Sep-13-2021