Application of Dynamic Focusing System in Glass Drilling

Due to its great efficiency and high quality, laser glass drilling is frequently utilized in industrial processing.

The semiconductor and medical glass, construction industry, panel glass, optical components, utensils, photovoltaic glass and automotive glass are all among the industries where laser glass drilling is used.

The core components of laser glass drilling equipment are: laser, beam expander, scanhead, F-θ lens.

The working principle is that the laser pulse induces local thermal stress to cause the glass to crack, and as the laser focus moves up from the lower surface of the glass layer by layer, the debris naturally falls and the glass is cut.

Round holes, square holes, waist holes, and other specialty-shaped holes from 0.1 mm up to 50 mm in diameter can all be switched at will with laser drilling. Not only no taper hole, no dust residue, small edge collapse, but also very high efficiency.

Advantages of using dynamic focusing technology for laser drilling:

1. The structure design will be greatly simplified.

2. The complex lifting mechanism is eliminated.

3. Making large field hole drilling simple and efficient.

4. Easy to automate production.

In addition, dynamic focusing technology enables 3D trajectory machining and laser glass drilling on both flat and curved surfaces.


Post time: Aug-24-2023