Application of Dynamic Focusing System in Furniture Panel Products

ore and more home appliance manufacturers are beginning to use laser marking technology to replace traditional printing technology. Laser marking can ensure that logos or patterns are more durable. However, many problems will also be encountered during the laser marking process. How to solve them? Let’s explore it together


For the processing of home appliance panels, customers usually put forward the following requirements:

• Positioning accuracy

• Complete it in one go, the sooner the better

• No feeling when touching

• The darker the graphics, the better.


In response to customer requirements, FEELTEK has configured the following equipment in the laboratory for testing:


In order to achieve better marking results, FEELTEK technicians came to the following conclusions during the test process

1. Use UV laser to blacken white plastic parts. With dynamic focus system FR10-U

2. During the marking process. The energy should not be too large, as it will easily burn the bottom material.

3. When blackening on white plastic parts, uneven blackening will occur. At this time, pay attention to whether the switch light is accurate. And the spacing between secondary fillings should not be too dense.

4. Taking into account the marking time requirements, no outline is added for marking.

5. Since the laser selected for marking is 3W, the current speed cannot satisfy customers. The speed cannot be turned on when using a 3W laser

go. It is recommended that the laser use 5W or above.


Let’s see the effect of marking


Post time: Feb-26-2024