Application of Dynamic Focus Technology in Paper Cutting

In today’s technologically advanced world, many traditional crafts are gradually being combined with modern technology. For example: Laser technology have been around for a long time in cutting paper.

When processing some complex patterns, high precision is required, and traditional methods may cause errors. However, the laser can easily complete these complex cutting tasks according to the preset design, making the paper cutting works more beautiful.



You may encounter the following problems during the processing of paper cutting:

1. Due to the excessive power of the laser, the edges turn yellow and black.

2. Incomplete cutting, resulting in the cut part not being able to completely come off.

3. The processing format is large, resulting in large light spots on the edge of the paper.


So what will be the effect when FEELTEK’s dynamic focusing technology is combined with paper-cutting? Let’s take a look



Application Highlight



How does the FEELTEK dynamic focusing system confirm the spot uniformity of each point?

The Z-direction dynamic axis and the XY axis are jointly coordinated. With the different scanning positions, the Z-direction dynamic axis moves forward and backward for focus compensation, and the processing format is no longer affected by the field lens. Limitation, a wider range of processing can be achieved.


Post time: Feb-18-2024