3D Laser Engraving Gallery (Tips for 3D Laser engraving)

The FEELTEK employees would like to share the 3D laser technology in daily life.

Through the 3D dynamic focus system technology, we can achieve multiple laser applications.

Let’s take a look at what are they doing today.

3D Laser Engraving Gallery

(Tips for 3D Laser engraving)

Jade: Hey,Jack,how’s my tiger engraving?

Jack: It’s almost finished.The shape is coming out.

Jade:Wow, it looks similar to the jewelry, pretty good.

Jack: You are right. Laser engraving technology has been applied in many industries. Most customers use it to do commemorative coins, jewelry, metal mold, and many special applications.

Jade:So Jack, can you also make another engraving work on the wood?

Jack:Of course, the laser engraving technology can apply in multiple materials, such as brass, aluminum, stainless steel, SiC, wood etc.

Look, this is a diamond tool, it is also made by our technology.

Jade:Wow, it’s amazing! So how about its work efficiency?

Jack: Well, it depends on the complexity of target image, the raw material as well as its technical setting!

Jade:Here we go. This tiger is finished.

Let’s amplifier it 50 times and check it. Wow, it’s nice.

Jack: Look simple? In 3D engraving work, its accuracy, efficiency, and effect have many tips. I will share it with you later.

Post time: Feb-28-2022