Thank you everyone for an amazing year!

This is a fantastic year for FEELTEK as we achieve a great milestone in the Lunar Year 2023. As Chinese traditional culture, we celebrate for the coming Spring Festival.

In 2023, FEELTEK has made remarkable achievements in the additive manufacturing and automotive application industries, all these achievements are inseparable from the efforts of every FEELTEK person.

Thanks to the FEELTEK R&D team for obtaining three leading projects for the National Research and Development Project of China. Your dedication and commitment to innovation have been commendable,

Thanks to the FEELTEK production team for the continued reliable operation which allows us to provide a sustainable product to the market.

Thanks to the FEELTEK outstanding sales team to achieved another great milestone growth. It’s amazing what you’ve accomplished this year again!

Thanks to all FEELTEK administrative functional teams to make sure the company running in order.

Thank you everyone for an amazing year. Looking forward to 2024 together!!

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Post time: Jan-31-2024