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Dynamic focus dedicated operating software

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Dynamic focus dedicated operating software

Support import of kinds of vector files and bitmap files.

Support network port, serial port data reading, can facilitate automatic production line data interfaction.

Self-developed software,support further development. Optimization for application,open interface,can be customized to requirement.

Support multi correction methods:fast and high precision correction on high precision ideal platform and free adjustment of each position focal point under the non-ideal plane,and finally achieve full format focus consistency.

Support 3D application,support importing of STL model, self-developed model, etc. Support 3D data editing rapid realization of 3D surface marking,relief processing.

Support expansion of 3D scanning requirement,it can realize the rapid localization and reverse processing of 3D workpieces,and the rapid marking of workpieces can be realized without the workpiece model.


Coating effect

Projection effect

LenMark Software function

Standard configuration: Large field marking

Optional configuration: CCD 3D surface moving line
Engraving Projection Positioning
Platform moving line 3D surface marking
360°rotation marking Customization

LenMark Software function

CSR Program

FEELTEK is committed to 3D laser dynamic focus technology and contributed to laser machine integrators across the world. As the explorer of advanced laser technology, FEELTEK actively practices corporate social responsibility as well.

Every year, as a part of the Corporate Social Program, FEELTEK participates in a science event launched by the scientific bureau in a local foreign language school. We spread laser technology to teenagers aged from 9 to 12. The 5G extension products,3D printing, and other modern science and technology applications have lighted the youngsters’ dream of science and technology.

How do customers find FEELTEK?

Our company has the independent website.

At the same time, we participate in domestic&oversea exhibitions (Laser Photonics )every year, so customers can easily search for us.

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