How to guarantee precision in 3D printing?

With the upgrading of materials and processing technology, SLS&SLM has an explosion in the 3D printing market. Most manufacturers are shifting processing mode from single scan head to dual scan head or multiple scan head for higher efficiency.


Based on dynamic focus systems, the dual scan heads and four scan heads are quite popular among 3D printing equipment. Large work fields and multi-head combination solutions are massively applied.

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However, calibration issues are increasingly appearing at the same time. Usually, it takes around two weeks or even more time for the calibration work.


As a dedicator in 3D dynamic focus technology, FEELTEK is committed to improving the processing technology of multi-head. To solve the calibration issue, FEELTEK has developed the CCD calibration platform.


It can finish the calibration work for a 900*900mm work field within several minutes, the precision error is controlled within

0.01mm for a single head and 0.02mm for a multi-head, fully guaranteeing the precision and synergetic effect under the same work field. This job has greatly supported machine integrators to make fast delivery. At present, the

CCD calibration platform has already been applicated to customers’ projects.




Post time: Jul-08-2022