The precision breakthrough of multi-scan heads

The rapid development of the laser manufacturing industry has raised increasing requests on laser processing precision.

How to ensure the consistency between scan head calibration precision and the complicated automation environmental?

This is something most integrators are making efforts.

Let’s take the 3D printing industry for example. As the material process matures, the process of SLS and SLM has achieved great milestones and innovation. Besides, in order to improve the process efficiency, many manufacturers around the world have been pursuing multiple scan head collaborative processing, and have made a major achievement.

However, as for the multi-scan heads working, that means it requires to ensure every scan head’s precision is consistent under the same working field. Engineers usually take two weeks or even more time on the calibration work for multi-scan heads equipment.

As a 2D to 3D scan head supplier, FEELTEK has been committed to the process improvement of the multi-scan heads. In addition to solve the multi-scan heads precision issue, we also launch the “multi-scan heads calibration platform”. 

Under 900*900mm working field, the platform could finish the multi-scan heads calibration within a few minutes.

The calibration precision could achieve 0.01mm for a single scan head,0.02mm for the multi-scan heads.

It will greatly support integrators’ quick delivery.

If you have the similar case on the high precision process, join us to discover!

Post time: Aug-31-2021