Laser Engraving Tips—-Have you chosen the proper laser?

Jade: Jack, a customer is asking me, why his engraving from the 100watt laser is not as good as our 50watt’s effect?

Jack: Many customers have met such situations during their engraving work. Most people choose high power lasers and aim to reach a high efficiency. However, different engravings have different process. The deep engraving can improve efficiency through increasing laser power, but the graphic engraving is not the same process logical.

Jade: So how to select a proper laser device to reach its best work effect?

Jack: Let’s take metal engraving for example. In fact, we can reach a good engraving with a 20watt laser. Due to its lower power, so the efficiency is a little bit lower, its single-layer processing depth can only do two microns. If we raise the laser power to 50watt, the single-layer processing depth can reach 8-10 micrometers, In this way, it will be much more efficient than the 20watt laser and work result is good.

Jade: How about 100watt laser power?

Jack: Well, generally we recommend pulsed lasers below 100 watts for engraving work. Although high power laser can improve work efficiency, its high power will also lead to the metallic melting phenomenon

Jade: OK, so in a summary, the 20watt laser can do engraving well, but its efficiency is a bit lower. Raising the laser to 50watt will improve efficiency, and the effect can also meet the demand. The 100watt laser power is too high, which will lead to a poor engraving effect.

Jack: Exactly! These are the three different power laser processing effect comparisons. Quite clear, right?

Post time: Apr-20-2022