How Modular Design Benefit ODM Integration?

Modular Design of scan head just like Lego game, creative, convenient, full of imagination. Through the combination of scan head and multiple modules, different work applications can be easier to achieve.

When a 2D scan head is combined with the CCD module, a CCD solution is formed, it can meet the needs of the automatic assembly line.

The combination can switch according to application change.

Adding a black box to the 2D scan head CCD solution, then it upgrades to a dynamic focus CCD solution, achieve 3D working, support positioning, framing, inspection, evaluation on automation line.

The different combination is all aiming to achieve target application, benefit ODM integration. The range sensor module on the scan head can be applied in 3D processing and objects with different height processing. The optical adjuster could solve the common difficulty of adjustment from the QCS interface optical offset. Once adjusted, accurate to the central point.

Well, do you have any idea on the modules? Welcome to share with us!


Post time: Jul-20-2021