How could laser engraving be more precise?


Laser engraving is generally used in crafts, molds, and special industries. In some particular application, it can replace CNC processing.

Laser engraving could achieve more precision processing images. The processing efficiency is higher than CNC under the same configuration.

Today, let’s talk about how could laser engraving be more precise.

We recommend a pulse laser under 100 watts to processing the engraving. Although higher power could improve the efficiency, the high energy will melt the material and the engraving can not be formed.

Besides, the calibration precision of the scan head plays a key role in the laser engraving effect.

The procedure of laser engraving is: slice, set layer thickness, and then add clean at the final step.

FEELTEK has ownership of control, software, and scan head. After multiple tests, we found that the parameter setting of “laser on delay ” and “laser off delay” has an important effect on the finished product.

When the parameter setting of filling is under 0.05MM, the engraved image could be more precise. When proceeding to engrave step, please set clean function every three to five layer.

With these particular tips, the metal engraving error could be within 0.05mm.

At present, we do have tests on multiple materials, such as Brass, Stainless Steel, SIC, Ceramics, Wood.

Different materials are along with their according to processing parameters.

What is your engraving material?

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Post time: Aug-18-2021