FEELTEK Win Laser Innovation Awards

The product 3-Axis-1-Point Focus Module from FEELTEK has been awarded as the Ringier Technology Innovation Awards 2020 this summer August.


Industry Sourcing has been a leading B2B industrial information provider for 18 years,it also holds Innovation Awards annually to give recognition to those who have made the most significant contributions for the advancement of the industry and provide brand exposure opportunities for those companies with cutting-edge technologies in food & beverage, packaging, plastics, metalworking, personal care, industrial laser, and other industries.

As a professional Customizable Partner for 2D to 3D scan head, FEELTEK has been interacting with industry integrators and aiming to improve the laser processing solutions.


The 3-Axis-1-Point Focus Module adopts a three-axis mirror, and through optical compensation, the reflecting surface of the XY component is at the center of the Y galvanometer, and the maximum field of view of the F-mirror field lens can be maximally utilized, and meanwhile, the light spots of the two components can be guaranteed to be consistent and free of distortion. It is particularly suitable for those applications that require extreme processing targets.


Post time: Sep-07-2020