FEELTEK technology contribute 2022 Beijing Olympic

The Olympics organization project team raised this laser marking solution on the torch in August of 2021. This is a task that we need to finish the Winter Olympic, as well as Chinese traditional symbolized drawing on the housing of Olympic torch. Marking effect without gap and overlap, work efficiency is key points in this solution.

After interaction on the torch material and marking position confirmation, FEELTEK engineers used the 3D dynamic focus system  F20pro, together with FEELTEK LenMark_3DS 360°rotation degree marking function and finished the work.

According to the technical data, it spent 5 minutes to finish each torch housing marking, the efficiency is highly increased, compared with the project’s initial solution, which is forty minutes per torch.

Following by complying with the business code of conduct and keeping it confidential before the Olympics. Finally, we are able to share now.

We are proud to involve in this project and contribute to the 2022 Beijing Olympics.

Post time: Feb-11-2022