enhancements brought by the dynamic focus systems in 3D printing

Through the CCD calibration platform, 3D printing equipment of multi-head achieves higher precision of overall working size. Scientists have kept seeking a breakthrough in all aspects of 3D printing technology.




When processing printing parts of different wall thicknesses, uniformity in surface smoothness and mechanical aproperty would be achieved to the utmost extent. A  breakthrough would be made in increasing synergetic effects and controlling the extent of powder bed heating.



As a dedicator in 3D dynamic focus technology, FEELTEK is committed to applying technology to problem solving in practical projects. Through the scan head close-loop control laser output solution, the deflection delay is effectively solved, guaranteeing uniform distribution of laser spots from different lengths. and reducing deformation and surface roughness of thin-walled parts.



Besides, through scan head controlling laser output will also effectively shortens the processing delay of each layer, and increasing the printing speed of the whole layer. In addition, with the cooperative control by software between laser sintering and blade, the laser starts to heat powder when it is being spread out to reduce waiting time. With an overall enhancement to processing efficiency, there is an obvious reduction of powder lumps, contributing to a higher utilization of used powder.



In continuous processing improvement,To a certain degree, the scan head controlling laser spot technology meets scientists’ expectations on surface quality and mechanical property of thin-walled structural parts. Science and technology are intended for humans. 3D printing is bound to gain popularity in digital times. The exploration of 3D printing technology will continue its sustainable development. In addition to efficiency, size, and surface smoothness, the difficulties with mechanical property and processing cost will finally be overcome.




Post time: Jul-11-2022