3D laser processing in automotive production

At present, many automobile lamp manufacturing integrate the colorful long frame design, this is achieved by laser processing.

This process not only helps to highlight the brand’s characteristics but also makes each automobile more personalized.

Today, let’s talk about laser processing in automotive production.

The automobile interior and exterior accessories often make use of laser processing in the surface treatment. For instance, buttons, steering wheel, center panel, interior lights, bumpers, grilles, logos, lights, etc.

Most of these accessories are formed with complex surface shapes, by utilizing laser with  3D dynamic focus system technology, the laser spot focus can be adjusted instantly on the surface of the accessories under  large work field, all the laser etching work can be completed at one time.

FEELTEK is committed to innovative 3D laser processing.

Through interactive cooperation with several integrator partners, we have effectively solved some process requirements for automobile accessories’ processing, such as visible pattern uniformity, positioning accuracy, temperature drift.

Besides, we have optimized the temperature drift, uniformity, high-speed line consistency as well as other parameters and make the marking effect more suitable for special material process requirements.

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Post time: Sep-29-2021