3D Dynamic Focus System Working Logical

Today,let’s talk about 3D Dynamic Focus System Generally, adding a third axis Z axis to a standard X Y axis forms a 3D dynamic focus system.

The working logical is:

Through software control of the joint coordination of the Z axis and XY axis, with the different scanning position, the Z axis moves back and forward to compensate the focus, ensuring the spot uniformity and consistency in the whole working range.

Therefore, evaluating a marking effect, is not only depend on XY axis, but also related to repeatability, resolution, linearity, temperature drift.

Through high precision position sensor calibration platform, FEELTEK make linearity, resolution and temperature drift data results of the dynamic axis can be visible. The quality is guaranteed.

Meantime, the open design of dynamic axis helps in heat dissipation and avoid jam.

Well, do you have a better understanding of 3D dynamic focus system now?


Post time: Jun-01-2021