3D Scanhead F Serial Aperture 20mm

Short Description:

Support: Fiber laser device.

Standard XY2-100 protocol.

Support wavelength: 1064nm.

Product Detail

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Product characteristics


- Support high power components customization, max. power up to 4KW.

- CNC shell,dust prevention,compact structure,easy to integrate.

- Standard XY2-100 protocol.

- Support wavelength:1064nm.


- Standard version, Pro version, P2version.

- Focal adjust option:automatic, manual.

Expand function option

- The accessory of optical adjuster could solve the common difficulty of adjustment from QCS interface optical offset. Once adjusted, accurate to the central point.

- The optional accessory of on-axis CCD module for F20 could support positioning, framing, inspection, evaluation on automation line.


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